Casa de Milagros

A Casa Homecoming

June 10, 2012

I’m home…

Officially landed here at Casa on Wednesday after a couple of weeks in Lima and on my Qoyllurit’i adventure

Was welcomed with warm and loving arms – the kids and staff have been so wonderful. The first day I arrived, Mama Yeni and Michael gathered a group to come and clean my house…I joined in and we spent a few hours wiping off cobwebs, dust, and unpacking my suitcases…at one point I looked up and noticed a beautiful painting, and smiled as I realized it was of Mama Kia and her dear friend and “sister”, Nikki. It was as if they were extending their arms and welcoming me home…;-)

In a lot of ways, it feels like I never left. Then I realize how much has changed since last time I lived here – two years ago exactly. So much life I’ve lived since then, so many wonderful people that have come into my life and so much growth…and then I look around here and see so much loss…

I have a huge list of to-do’s and a lot of work to do. Trying not to feel overwhelmed and let myself enjoy the experience – not let it feel so “heavy”…when I do start to feel the anxiety build I try to remind myself to just look up – take in the beauty and power of the “Apus” (Mountains) around me, the magic of the Sacred Valley skies, and the immense energy all around…not to mention the kids’ love…soak it in, let it fill me and give me strength.

Welcoming me “home”…


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